5 benefits of having bi-fold doors this summer

aluminium bi fold doors - Halewood, Liverpool

Summer is nearly upon us, and many homeowners begin to wonder how they can boost their enjoyment of the season from the comfort of their in home, well we’ve got the answer: by installing bi-fold doors!

We bring to you the top five benefits of adding bi-fold or sliding doors to your home this summer

  1. Bringing the outdoors in.

Our bi folding doors add a new dimension to any room, they fold away effortlessly, creating space to relax and enjoy the beauty of your garden in summer.
With our bi fold doors you will have a seamless integration between the indoors and outdoors, creating a lovely tranquil atmosphere in your home.

  1. Creating more space for social events.

Now the weather is heating up, there is nothing better than entertaining family and friends at home. This is made much easier with the help of our practical bi folding doors. These doors slide wide open creating a functional open space for entertaining. Bi fold doors also give guests the freedom to roam between the inside of your home into the garden.  Then once it starts to cool of an evening, bi folding doors easily slide back shut giving you security and the peace of mind you require in your home.

  1. They’re energy efficient

As your house begins to warm up during the summer, bi folding doors play a huge advantage in lowering your energy bills. They allow fresh air and a breeze throughout the home which means that energy costs to cool your home are kept down.
But not to worry, as the cost of heating your home continue to increase, bi folding doors are also designed to keep heat in your home for longer during the winter!

  1. Adding value to your home

Whether or not you are looking to sell your home, adding value to your house is essentially what all home owners would like to achieve.
The addition bi folding doors to your property is becoming increasingly popular as they are a great way to add space into your home and brighten up your house.
Bi folding door not only ensures a return on investment, but also enhances your quality of living in the meantime.

  1. They look fantastic

There is no denying the fact that bi folding doors are aesthetically pleasing.  They can be supplied in over 150 colours to suit your home. There are a multitude of door configurations and you can choose from 2 to 7 pane doors that fold in one or both directions.  This is the ideal product to give character and enhance your home.

Although we have given our top five benefits of having bi-fold doors, the benefits don’t end there. Everybody likes to feel safe and secure in their home and with our bi folding doors that is all the reassurance you’ll need.  Bi folding doors at Celsius Home Improvements use a multi locking mechanism, hinge bolts and the inherent strength of our aluminium; our doors are designed to be the most secure Bi fold doors available. If you would like to find out more about our range of bi-fold doors please click HERE

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