A Guide to Window Styles

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The time has come you need new windows.  Your old windows just aren’t doing the job they once did.  But what now? With so many window styles to choose from picking your next windows may seem like a daunting task.  Especially when you want them to look good while performing to the highest standards.

To help give you some guidance and make your decision easier.  We have compiled an in-depth look into a variety of different window styles and their capabilities.

Casement windows

casement windows formbyCasement windows are best suited in modern or period properties as the system is adaptable, stylish and high-performing.  The casement windows product features include 10mm cover on weather seals, Yale hardware, sculptured edge design, five chamber sash, six chamber outer frames, 28 and 40mm glazing as standard.

Balance is imperative when it comes to Casement windows. Our windows are designed to provide slim aesthetically pleasing windows without sacrificing strength.  Celsius’ Optima windows can achieve a WER of A+++ and U-value of 0.8W/m2K.

French Casement windows

upvc casement window birkdaleFrench casement windows are ideal for cottages and smaller window apertures.  Our windows offer exceptional weather-tightness and thermal insulation and the thermal insert for improved insulation to suit all budgets.

Despite a traditional appearance, Optima windows are very advanced.  The casement windows have a sculptured profile with a simple but elegant design.  The windows have bubblex gaskets that offer consistent compression.  While also sealing the windows to prevent air leakage. The deeper drainage channels clear water away from the frames and sealed-units to avoid damage.  These windows are ideal for any budget and property.

Tilt and Turn

More people are appreciating the practicality of Tilt and Turn windows in their home. Tilt and Turn offer many opportunities to all sorts of properties but are ideal for homes with access restriction or homes near a busy road. tilt and turn windows manchester  Celsius’ Tilt and Turn windows have a light and streamlined look but a reliable and robust performance. The tilt and turn windows have high levels of insulation and weather protection.

Glazing gaps can range from 24mm right through to 44mm; you can also get thermal inserts to enhance insulation.  Our windows always reach the customer demand for high specification windows, with energy ratings of A++ and U-values of 0.8 W/m2k.  Our Tilt and Turn windows are simple to operate and maintain while they incorporate all the advanced security hardware.

You can choose from a vast choice of woodgrain and coloured foils, including dual-coloured options and flat textured finishes.

Flush casement windows

The windows that we use created by Optima replicate the original features of timber casements accurately while giving superior thermal performance over rival products.  Our windows have a four chamber sash, six chamber outer frame and 24mm glazing as standard.

Celsius offer different styles on casement windows, such as;sculptured window casements

  • Traditional style – These windows keep the conventional casement style while improving the product. A dummy sash provides a balanced look for frames with fixed lights, and there are foiled options which include period colours.
  • The Blacksmiths art – Our monkey-tail handles show homage to hand forged hardware from the past.

Even with a lot of focus placed on appearance performance hasn’t been neglected.  Our windows have 24mm double glazing, an A-rated window and an effective U-value of 1.4W/m2K is achieved with ease.

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