Bi-Fold Doors, Formby, Merseyside

What Celsius Home Improvements did...

bi-fold doors Reading, Berkshire

The customers from Formby where originally looking at french doors for their home when they contacted Celsius. Upon visiting our showroom they felt unsure as to whether this would be the best option for them. Celsius helped them with their decision and worked with their insecurities before deciding on Bi-folding doors.

The bi-fold opened up their home into the garden and made the room seem much bigger and brighter. The opening needed to be adjusted in order to fit the new doors but this did not cause any issues.

The couple where extremely satisfied with the job Celsius did and recommended us to a neighbour.

What the customer said...

"Could not have wished for a better company. Celsius were extremely patient and offered us guidance and advice to help us with our decision. They were very clean and courteous. Would recommend and use again."

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