Bi-Fold doors in Chester

What Celsius Home Improvements did...

bi-fold doors in ChesterDesigned and installed white bi-fold doors in Chester.

The customer wanted a number of things to improve the rear of their luxurious property. Along with new French doors, windows and an orangery lantern roof they were looking to install a set of white bi-folding doors to open up the space from a sitting room into the patio and garden area.

Celsius installed this six-pane bi-fold door which has three doors opening to each side.

What the customer said...

"We had an old style set of french doors before the bi-folds were installed. While the french doors were lovely they only had two doors opening into the garden and the rest of the space was taken up with glass panels. The difference the bi-folds make is amazing, it really opens up the house to the patio and the garden area and it's great for when we have friends round for a barbecue. "

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