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WarmCore - Warm Aluminium Windows at Celsius

Warmcore windows at CelsiusCelsius Home Improvements are pleased to be able to manufacture, supply and install the brand new WarmCore WarmAluminium range of windows.

WarmCore has been designed from the ground up to the be the most energy efficient aluminium window product available in the market today. Not only are the windows contemporary and stylish but they offer upwards of 25% more energy efficiency than traditional aluminium windows due the the thermal core at the centre of the product. They can be installed with triple glazing A++ rated glass to give a warmer environment to any home.

Warmcore windows come with a 10 year guarantee covering materials and surface finish. So you can feel confident in your decision to add WarmCore to your home.

WarmCore styles and options?

Flush Sash

warmcore-flush-sashWarmCore casement windows are available in a ‘flush sash’ option for the ultimate in clean, modern aesthetics. Using a stepped outerframe, the sash - the opening part of the window - sits on the same plane as the rest of the window, creating a pure, cutting-edge look to this high performance window system. In addition where two flush sashes meet, WarmCore uses a feature mullion - which echoes the flush sash feature, creating a precise bead line in-between the two windows.

Tilt and Turn

warmcore-tilt-and-turnFor the ultimate in versatility the WarmCore system is available as a tilt and turn window.
Ideal for use in upstairs locations, Tilt and Turn windows can be tilted inwards for ventilation - helping keep your home aired and fresh, alternatively they can be swung inwards for cleaning, or for when the day is too glorious to be locked out. Using the latest multi-point locking, and custom-designed hinges, Tilt and Turn windows are as safe and secure as the rest of the WarmCore range.

Colour Choices

WarmCore windows - Richmond LondonAvailable, as standard in a choice of 2 powder coated colours with lots of other colours available to order, WarmCore also allows you to pick a different colour for each side of your window. Want a colour outside with white inside to leave you free to change your interior in the future? – with WarmCore that’s no problem.

We can provide almost any colour that you can think of. The picture opposite shows the WarmCore windows in "Chartwell Green" colour, if there is a particular colour that you want for your windows just give us a call on 0151 545 1400

Bead Styles

warmcore-bead-styleA choice of 2 external sash and outer frame designs enable you to personalise WarmCore windows to suit the style of your home. Pencil round styling helps to give a softer aesthetic, while Square styling creates a precise contemporary style.

Sill Options

Sills come in a range of widths to allow you to choose the perfect fit for your particular home. If you have any questions regarding the WarmCore options just give us a call on 0151 545 1400

Benefits of Double & Triple Glazing.

You can choose between double and triple glazed units for your new windows. Our windows are rated between A and A++ for thermal efficiency.

  • A-rated, A+ rated and A++ rated windows can save you money on your heating bills
  • Triple glazed windows can be provided in either UPVc or WarmCore Aluminium
  • Double and Triple glazed windows can reduce the sound pollution to your home.

You can find out more about double and triple glazing in our Window F.A.Q section here

If you would like to find out how Celsius Home Improvements can improve your home with doulbe or triple glazed windows then please get in touch with the Celsius Team either by using the quote form on this page or the telephone number shown below.

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